Refund Policy

Thanks for clicking to read about my refund policy.

When you purchase any of my programs you are purchasing intellectual material - video lessons sometimes accompanied by workbook pages. The material that is included in these lessons is based on years of effort and work on my part. I have made it my mission in life to understand clutter in every way possible. I have consulted with experts, taken courses, and worked with thousands of clients to really understand WHY we have clutter and HOW to truly tackle it. I am not in the business of offering courses for sale that do not change lives. Every single thing I have available to purchase is offered at a tremendous value because part of my mission is to tackle the financial barrier that exists to getting help with clutter.

Once you purchase and consume these materials, there is nothing that can be returned. In light of this, I do not offer refunds. Instead, I give you lifetime access to the materials and the ability to continue to ask questions and get support for the duration of your decluttering journey at a fraction of what it would cost to have someone work with you privately. I recommend you take full advantage of all the aspects of this program. I sincerely welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. It's an honor for me to watch my clients' lives transform.

Thank you.


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