... a compassion-driven community makes ALL the difference

Don't let the crazy low price fool you!

Clutter Foundations is valued at over $1000..

Clutter Foundations

Your launchpad for decluttering success...finally.

Most people live in a cluttered home, full of disarray. The truth is, decluttering is about WAY more than just tossing stuff out. There is a lot of emotion and stress attached to the clutter around us in our daily lives. 🥺

There is also a lot of shame and embarrassment surrounding clutter.... Shame, is actually the lowest vibration in the human spectrum of emotions that cause us to wallow in our insecurities, and feel endless hopelessness in our day-to-day lives.

The majority of organizational programs are thousands of dollars and honestly just putting bandaids over gaping wounds and never fully dissecting the root cause of these hurdles and the actionable steps necessary to institute true change‼ 💯

Clutter Foundations is truly different as it gives you access to high-ticket coaching from professionals for just $10 bucks a month.

Learning the foundational skills we all CRAVE in order to maintain an organized home forever. ♾️

Learn the steps necessary to take inspired action that will not only change the way that you see your home; but change the way that you see yourself.

Our incredibly supportive community is completely judgment free and ready to hold your hand every step of the way. No longer feel alone in your struggles, or like your home is a lost cause. Take action NOW by hitting that button below, and declutter your home and take back your life ONCE AND FOR ALL! 😍

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like if you weren’t constantly struggling to “keep up” with your clutter?

Now that you have completed Bootcamp and seen the magic combination of community, coaching, & mindset shifts; you are now eligible to join Clutter Foundations.

You will have weekly access to professional support with not only me, but our compassion-driven community ready to embrace you on this journey.

The 24/7 support of a huge group of genuine people joining you on this journey is priceless when it comes to staying motivated, connecting with other goal-oriented people, and really start seeing results in your home.

So let's talk value...

The true value of everything included in Clutter Foundations is more than:

$9,480 a year

(one course, 52 coaching calls, 12+ motivational challenges, and an amazing community... and you are getting

lifetime access to all of this)


If this Program helps you achieve nothing but removing the stress, anxiety, and possibly even shame surrounding your clutter by helping you to declutter your most important living spaces - would that relief be worth it to you?


If this program does nothing but help you save time searching for items in your home so that you can avoid the chaos of always running behind and struggling to find the things that you already own, would your saved time be worth it to you?


If all this program does is help you save loads of money because you are able to stop buying duplicates of misplaced items and impulse buying unnecessary things for your home, would those savings be worth it?


If you could excitedly invite guests into your home because you finally cleared out that one room in your house that you've been avoiding for years, and turned it into a welcoming space, would those otherwise lost memories be worth it?


If you could tackle the workload of daily cleaning and organizing in just a few minutes per day because it doesn’t feel frustrating or overwhelming to anyone in your family anymore, would that peace of mind be worth it?


If you could help your family experience how amazing it feels to keep a clutter-free home - help them truly experience the BENEFITS of saving time, energy, and money that this lifestyle offers - do you think you could break the cycle and set your children up to lead a more fulfilling life? Would a more promising future for your children be worth it?


(valued at over $1000+)

Join Us On The Inside Of This Compassion-Driven Community

When you purchase the Annual Plan, you will also receive the

Clutter-Boss At Home Study Course ABSOLUTELY FREE!

[This is my high-ticket, self-study course that has helped hundreds

of people declutter their lives in a sustainable & successful way.]

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"WOW! WOW! WOW! Day 2 has already caused such an AMAZING shift in my mindset!...I am LOVIN' this new mindset! Hope it never goes away! Thanks, Jes!!!"

~ Kandi Clark Johnson, Texas

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Clutter Foundations has been life changing. I have so much more time and money now that I have decluttered most of my house. Jes's strategies have worked miracles."

~ Amy Louden, Ohio

Not convinced? Keep Reading

My goal is for you to:

✅ learn exactly why community is key when it comes to conquering your clutter

✅ learn exactly be surrounded by a community that shares the new values that you are embracing.

✅ Understand what it takes for you to begin getting results right away, spending literally only 20 minutes per day...

❌ Without confusion about how to get started

❌ Without asking for hours and hours of commitment

❌ Without having to buy anything new!

Don't Wait!

This is our recession-proofed pricing, and once we reach our limited capacity the price will return to $25 a month.

Disclaimer - This Program will give you actionable steps to TACKLE YOUR CLUTTER. You will also get access to a private, completely judgment-free facebook group and the opportunity to join one hour long coaching call a week with Jes marcy. this Program is designed to stand alone and be the foundation you need to tackle all your clutter once and for all. you will have the opportunity to join a more in-depth 6-month long program after Clutter Foundations. regardless of what you choose you will find motivation, support and success.


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